Front view before, during and after construction


Our clients and their two children lived in a one story 1950’s Bungalow in a hillside neighborhood with a beautiful water view. They loved the informal village feel of the neighborhood and the easy access to outdoor activities but they needed more space for their growing family. They also needed office space for telecommuting days, upgrades to mechanical systems, and improved energy efficiency.


Lakeview--South-web940sh105 View of South side


The addition of a second floor provides space for bedrooms, bath, laundry and master suite, and views of the lake to the front and south side of the house. The south facing roof allows for future solar panels. Generous windows with wide, flat trim, angle brackets at the eaves and front entry roof, and the natural fir doors add interest to the straightforward shape of the house.


Back View before during and after


Detail photos

Project completed in 2016. Built by D.B.Schroeder & Co., Inc.